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 Dawn [accept]

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Dawn Summers
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PostSubject: Dawn [accept]   Wed Feb 14, 2007 4:53 pm

-Name: Dawn
-Surname: Summers
-Nickname: Fam (hate this one), Slayer sister, beauty.
-Age: 16 years
-Nature: She doesn't like when people treat her like a lil' girl, she always escape from her bedroom the night and go out. She doen't like when somebody lies.
-Story: She's the sister of Buffy.
When she was younger she's fell in love with Xander and Spike.
Now she likes spending time with Spike because they're always alone in there each 'houses'
her real story is...:
In 2000, Czech monks of the Order of Dagon have possession of The Key, a mystical ball of energy that can open a portal to all dimensions. Once opened, the portal would create chaos on Earth as hell dimensions flood into this world until the energy is used up and the portal is closed again. The monks want to put this dangerous power to good use, but forces of darkness track them down. In an act of desperation, three surviving monks use powerful magic and part of Buffy to forge The Key into human form as a fourteen-year-old girl, and send it to the Slayer as a sister to protect from Glory, a hell-god bent on returning to the hell dimension from which she had been exiled for being too vicious.
She doesn't know who is she.
-Witch?Demon?Human?...: the key/human
-Good or Bad?: Dawn is good but the power of the key is bad.
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Dawn [accept]
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