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* Madreane *
* The immortal Witch *

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PostSubject: Madreane   Sun Sep 23, 2007 5:44 pm

-Name: Madreane
-Nickname: The strange witch
-Age: No idea, she was immortal
-Nature: Sensitive before, she was more cold now tries to be distant.
-Story: Madreane was born in Ireland. Her mother was a witch and her father a human.
The lil’ baby got beautiful eyes color, brown speckled of gold. For her dad that was a devil sign and wants to kill her, he tries, twice, but the baby’s still in life, like she was immortal.

When her mother see his husband trying to kill again her baby she immediately take Mardeane from her father arms and go far away…In an other town.

She’s learning magical things by her mother and she reveals that the young girl was really powerful, her mother was surprising and tries to teach her more thing.

The years past…Madreane was an adult…she’s married and have 2 children. But the fact was that she sees her children and her husband died. Why isn’t she looks old? Why isn’t she dies too? She tries to know why.

Scared about what she can know, she goes to see Marlin an old sorcerer who’s reveal her that she was immortal, sometimes that’s happen when your mother was a witch and what you to be like her when you’re still in her belly.
She has to live with that, she’s never gonna die and seeing everyone she loves died.

Well, she moves in L.A. and Meet a man called Jared and fell in love. She lives 3 years with him and tells him what she was a witch, he just looks at her and tells her “I know it” and then they’re still together and be married.
They move in a caravan in Boston.

Something missing in Madreane life, and in Jared too…They decide to have a baby together. One year after Madreane was pregnant and she had a beautiful little girl called Faith.

They can’t find a school for Faith so Madreane and Jared teach her what she had to knows and leave her, do what the little wanna do.

Jared became ill…Very ill, Madreane was sad and know that she can’t do anything for him, she makes some potions for make his pain go away…But one day…He died.

Now she lives with one of her daughter, Faith, until she was 19 years old, but she doesn’t really care about her, prefer to let her live her own life.

She moves in Sunnydale and live somewhere hidden, nobody knows where she exactly is but when she needs to show herself she does it in some different places.

Madreane knows that Faith was in the town now, and maybe gonna be in touch with her…I say maybe…
-Witch?Demon?Human?...: witch immortal
-Good or Bad? Twice, she do what she want, when she want.
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