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 Faith [accept]

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Faith Lehane
The rebel slayer

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PostSubject: Faith [accept]   Sat Sep 08, 2007 12:37 pm

-Name: Faith
-Surname: Lehane
-Nickname: The rebel slayer, F.
-Age: 21 years
-Nature: Faith was a leader, always got a plan, always order somebody to do something.
She’s got a bad character, not really sociable. She likes laugh about what the over can do, like it was always a mistakes for her.
She like playing with some knife.
Faith has got one characteristic thing, she's got her mother color eyes, Browm sparckled of gold.
Faith was born in 1980, loved by her mother and her dad…That’s what she thinks…
Her mother was special, when Faith was 6 years old her mother try to teach her magic but Faith don’t really like that and get bored.

Faith was lonely, living in a caravan far from all in Boston, her mother and her dad teach her what she have to know but Faith prefer to climb trees and play with a crossbow.

Her dad became ill…And died when she was 15 years old…She doesn’t cry, her mother too.
She’s training herself in different sport, more in boxing, she’s like that, get out all her energy and her anger on somebody or on something else.

She’s living one day her mum and move in Kendra house, the actual slayer, to learn how to be a slayer, ‘cos surprise Faith gonna be the next slayer when Kendra’s die.
Only one year…Kendra stay one year with Faith, The slayer was killed by Drusilla And Faith have to replace her.
For that, she has to move again in Sunnydale, but…there’s a lil’ problem here…

Faith goes in the cemetery and found another girl, she pretends to be the slayer too…And she’s right! There are two slayers in Sunnydale now.

Faith fight in the side of Buffy, teach her some new things for being safe and sometimes….Faith fight WITH Buffy.

One night, Buffy and Faith fight each other on a roof and Buffy stab her. B. looks at her try to help her to stay stand, “you got me” That’s the only thing that Faith say before get a lil’ scream of pain and falls on wooden plates.

Go in hospital Faith was in coma and Buffy come to see her every day, but one day, Faith wasn’t there. Faith is gone, she regains consciousness and goes out of the hospital, lost, she doesn’t know what’s happen and she follow Angel in Los angeles.

He told her that she can stay in a flat which belonged in an old friend of him but he’s gone.
He told her everything that he knows about the accident and let Faith be stronger and be herself again.

Faith now is back in Sunnydale, more stronger, more violent…What’s happen if she found Buffy? What’s happen when Faith knows that her mum was in Sunnydale?

-Witch?Demon?Human?...: Slayer
-Good or Bad? : Not really good and not really bad
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Faith [accept]
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