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 Trent [accept]

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* Trent *
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PostSubject: Trent [accept]   Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:51 pm

-Name: Trent
-Surname: ???
-Nickname: The immortal
-Age: less than 30 old (physically)
-Nature: changed all the time.
Trent got bit by Spike who gave him the traditional choice, whether he wanted to say "alive" but in another form or not... But when Trent accepted to become a vampire, when Spike offered him to drink some of his blood, Trent grabbed Spike so strongly and drank the blood so quickly and in so great quantities that he did much more then becoming a simple vampire, nearly leading Spike to death and at the same time leading himself, accidentally, to immortality. From that day on, one can kill him the way he or she desires, trent will come back to life. It's not only a vampire thing, for some weird reasons it also came to be a somewhat magical one.

After his transformation Trent used to live with Spike, Angelus and Drusila, spending time out, looking for some fresh preys. In that time Spike and Trent were good friends, very close and rather confident in each other.

Alas, Trent came to change with time, getting more and more violent, brutal, extreme in his moods. And, therefore, dangerous. That also led him to be more and more lonely, as Spike was distrusting more and more from his friend. Finally the obvious thing happened, Trent left Spike and his friends, and moved to an unknown place.

Recent news tell of him living and hunting in Los Angeles, and for 2 days now he has shown himself in Sunnydale.
That may not be due to hazard, he may want to see where Spike is living now and more precisely try to live with his creator again. Does it mean he changed, improved, is the old Trent back or something new ? Or is he plotting something else, a revenge for example ?

-Witch?Demon?Human?...: Immortal vampire
-Good or Bad? Both...Depends of various things, including who is asking what he can be expecting from that person...
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Trent [accept]
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