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PostSubject: Rules   Wed Feb 14, 2007 4:32 pm

1. Don't send double post! you can edit your messages.
2. You have to seen the character if you can played it.
3. You can played 2 characters!
4. Don't be agressive with the other user of this board.
5. You have to read the story when there's a upload of it!
6. Your characters can think...you can write what he think like that
* Buffy doesn't love me...I know...It's true...But she doesn't know that I know it*
7. I know there's French people here...so don't use shorten word please
8. wait that an Admin post "Ok, Welcome, you can now post in the RPG section"
9. Now you can be only in one place! If nobody answer you, go to ask someone in the "your RPG" part and somebody came for you or an immortal came.

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